My Response to Whole30 Haters? Nothing but Positive Words.

Recently there has been a lot of "experts" warning people against lifestyle changes that promote eating whole, fresh foods free from preservatives, additives, and chemicals. (i.e. Whole30, Paleo, Ketogenic, etc.)

(insert hearty laugh and complete disbelief here)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and we respect that. So instead of continuing a negative path and engaging with these "experts" I instead would like to say this about my own POSITIVE experience with #Whole30:

It literally changed my life. A year ago I was at my heaviest weight, having terrible headaches and stomach aches every day, was not sleeping well, and was having my anxiety flare up more than usual. I was making "healthy" choices, but still taking the easy way out and using pre-made ingredients (never bothering to read the labels mind you), and cutting corners when I didn't "have enough time." I had no self control and was constantly feeling guilty after eating.

That first #JanuaryWhole30 was hard. It was like breaking up with my eating habits. No joke, (and all you Whole30ers know what I'm talking about) the timeline in Melissa Hartwig's book was TOTALLY SPOT ON. I would have dreams about donuts and the mood swings. OH, the mood swings. My husband was such a trooper. He not only put up with that timeline of TRUTHS, he cleaned the fifty billion dishes I dirtied after my first attempt at meals, he helped me ask questions at markets and read labels and be the obnoxious person at restaurants.

Looking back, that first Whole30 was a detox I, even after reading the book, don't think I was prepared to handle. YEARS of poor food choices and sugar addictions didn't leave quietly, but man, reaching Day 30 was like Christmas morning at Disneyland on your birthday with 10 puppies (yes, THAT'S HOW AMAZING IT FELT).

So here I am, a whole year, and a few more Whole30s (and lots of modified Whole30 days) later, I am 30 pounds lighter and feeling like I finally have confidence and control in my relationship with food. I can FEEL the differences on a daily basis. No more headaches or stomach aches!

And let me just say that I can't recommend this LIFESTYLE CHANGE enough. My husband and I have loved that making dinner has brought us closer, increased our awareness of food sources, allowed us to get creative, and above all has led us on a new path. A new journey filled with DELICIOUS food.

Whole30 was the catalyst. And while we no longer live a strict Whole30 diet, we are so appreciative of what we learned. We learned what our body wants and what it doesn't. I learned how to cook, to make healthy food choices, to try new things and to eat seasonally. (Because let's be honest, my hubby was already a great cook)

If you're ready to trust the facts (your body DOESN'T lie), send us a DM and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Or if you already live a similar lifestyle, lease share your own story so that we can be open and show other people the positive effects it has had on our lives.

-- Cait XO