Essential Oils 101


So what do YOU need to know to get started?   Before you go out and buy every oil imaginable, here is our advice to you: 

1. Decide what you'd like to start using the oils for. Make a list. Headaches (instead of Tylenol) or period cramps (instead of Midol).  List it out and start from there. This will help you from feeling overwhelmed.  

2. Research your brand.  We personally use Young Living because they are 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  They have been around for over 25 years and I trust them.  Trust is a big deal. We know that they DO NOT use any alcohol, even in their distillation process.  According to the FDA, a company can sneak in all sorts of additives and still all it "natural."  Know your company.  We can name one or two (very popular ones that are guilty of this- and so you won't see anywhere on their website that their oils are "100% therapeutic grade"). You can learn about their Seed to Seal, the farms they grow on and other beliefs by visiting their website

3. Find the oils that are best suited for the list you made in Step 1. We have compiled a general list of ailments and the oils that go with them.  Sign up for our free newsletter to have access to weekly oil blend recipes and tips!


4. Order your oils. You can order here.  (We love answering questions about oils and encourage you to send us an email (willowfieldwellness (at) gmail (dot) com) or Instagram message!) The best way to order is to sign up as a Member.  To become a Member, you order one of the awesome Starter Kits (which let's be real - is just a fancy term for discounted group of oils.  But we'll take it!).  We will even order the Everyday Oils Collection regularly because those are my most commonly used ones! And when you buy them in this pack they are cheaper.  We love how the world works! 


When you sign up as a Member, you get the wholesale discount on products (24% off retail price!) That's the same discount we get and let me tell you -  those extra dollars you save add up!  You could always buy as a retail member, but spending money unnecessarily is never our idea of fun.

4. Be adventurous. This is the fun part! Try that new Black Pepper oil in a recipe or add a couple drops of Jade Lemon to your water!  Test out different combinations and scents.  Our team cannot get enough of our oils.  We are constantly using our dew drop diffuser and we've even brought one to my office. Our coworkers love it and now have fun picking out the day's scent!

We are so happy for you to start your own wellness journey!  The change you make in your lifestyle will have positive effects for a lifetime.  Cheers to you taking control of your health and wellbeing!