Whole30 Changed My (Cait's) Life


No, it's not a gimmick.  It's not even an embellishment.  Whole30 literally changed my life.  But maybe not for the reasons you think. 

Here's a little background on my "health status" before doing my first Whole30 challenge.  I considered myself a healthy person.  I ate my fruits and vegetables, I always made sure to have a variety of foods on my plate.  I stayed away from dairy.  I worked out and got enough sleep.  I did all of the things they tell you you're supposed to do.  You know, all those things that you read in magazines and online fit blogs.  Ah, but here we are with those vague terms again.  "They" and "those things" can spiral your life out of control.  

So I decided to change my lifestyle.  I found Whole30 through a family member who said it was the greatest decision she's ever made for her family.   Thinking that was a pretty great recommendation, I went out, bought the book, and started the very next Monday. 

For thirty days I cut out all dairy, soy, legumes (including peanuts), sugar, alcohol and grains.  At first glance it's an intimidating request.  I kept thinking, "What will I eat?"  Don't worry lovely, you will eat.  You will eat lots.  And it will be delicious.  Not every recipe, but is every recipe you find on Pinterest the best meal ever?  I didn't think so. 

Thirty days later here's what happened:

  • My moods changed.
  • The headaches and bloating I was regularly feeling disappeared.
  • My skin cleared up.
  • I lost weight.
  • I redefined my relationship with food.
  • I am a happier person.

Now obviously more things that just that little list happened, but you can read about those experiences in later posts.  For now, remember this one thing: I am a happier person.  I know this may not be for everyone, but I genuinely believe in it's process and what it does for your body and mind.  It's just as much about your mental health as it is about your physical health.  

Will you have the same outcomes?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Will you loose weight?  Again, maybe or maybe not.  I will tell you that this is not a weight loss diet.  This is a lifestyle change.  

When you're ready to change your life, it will work for you.  And when you're ready I'll be here to help, encourage, and answer your questions as best I can.  

Be well, lovelies. 

xo, Cait