Flash Sale Friday (6/10 only): 10% off Premium Starter Kits!

Okay, friends.  Today is exciting for two reasons:

  1. It’s Friday and that’s ALWAYS exciting.
  2. You can get this Starter Pack (11 oils + diffuser + materials + samples) at 10% off for TODAY only! 
Premium Starter Kit shown here with Home Diffuser

Premium Starter Kit shown here with Home Diffuser

Not only will you get one of the several Premium Starter Kits (that are all AMAZING), you’ll get additional educational support from The Willow Field, access to graphics, plus special promotions + team gifts!

Watch this video to see all of the good things that Young Living gives you in the Starter Kits: 

And because we love our team members, we're going to give you $20 back when  you purchase one of these kits using this link!  

Let us break down that goodness for you: 

Premium Starter Kit (with Home Diffuser/Dew Drop Diffuser):

$160 (full price) - 10% off = $144 - $20 = $124

We'd say that's pretty amazing!  Order your starter kit here and make sure the enroller ID says #1025581. 

We can't wait to support you on your wellness journey!