My New Adventure with Usborne Books & More!

I was a book nerd growing up and I’m still a book nerd (although it’s more of a Kindle nerd these days). But that said, when I had my daughter, I wanted to be able to instill the same love of books in her. We were so lucky to get a ton of hand me down books from friends and family and her favorite ones ended up being the Usborne Books & More series “That’s Not My ______” which are touchy feely!

Her big cousin Z loved them when he was little and it was so sweet because you could tell which ones were his favorites by how many pages were taped back together! I especially love reading these ones to M and one day will be able to tell her that she loves them just as much as her cousin did.

When I went to my cousin’s Facebook Usborne party (meaning I put the baby to bed, grabbed my tea and opened my computer), it was so fun! I realized quickly that there were WAY MORE books than I even knew about!

There are 2,000 books ranging from first touch board books to young adult fiction. I love that Usborne Books and More strives to provide accurate learning information in fun and creative stories for our young people. I’m so happy that I have Usborne in my daughter’s life!

And even better - the release over 340 new titles each year! With a motto of “do it better” I know that my baby’s love of books will be as strong as mine.

These were just a few of the new titles release this year! As I look through the website I’m constantly in awe at the different options.

What’s great about the website:

  • You can search books by age/reading level.

  • There are quick links if you want to look at all of the books in Spanish. There are quite a few!

  • Quicklinks gives you information on internet linked books! And you can also download puzzles and activities!

  • Wishlists are super easy to create (and then easy to send to family and friends!)

I’m so in love with Usborne’s mission and can’t wait to continue sharing these amazing books with you!