M's First St. Patrick's Day

When you and your husband are both half Japanese (and half other, obviously), but you both half dark features and no one ever thinks you’re half anything else, you kind of expect to have your babies look just like you, right?

Well, our little one is the cutest blue-eyed, red-tinted haired babe that you ever did see. Which means that this part-Irish babe can rep it without anyone saying anything!

Since I had a #NewMomFail and didn’t buy any. cute “kiss me I’m Irish” gear, I had to scrounge for SOMETHING green that morning. It was chaos. There were literally clothes all over her room because apparently, in the 50 hand me down boxes, no one gave us anything green. The only green article of clothing she owns are her cloth diaper covers. Not cute enough for the gram, ya feel me?

BUT then, amongst the madness, there was a solid colored green-ish onsie! It seemed the luck of the Irish was actually on our side! So one load of laundry later, and voila. Here you have the cutest Japanese leprechaun known to mankind.

You’re welcome.