Happy Halloween! And The Best DOG Costume Ever!


Happy Halloween, friends! 

While we may not believe in giving out candy (we opt for fun non-food items), we definitely believe in dressing up in funny costumes! And by "we," we mean our two four-legged team members.  And by that we mean Tucker.  Just #tuckeryosh. 

It's a real treat when you have a dog willing to wear the costume you picked out for them. Even when you know deep down inside they want to rip it off and eat it.  (sigh*, true love)

And with that note, while we're on this cloud nine of dog parent bliss, we wish you the happiest of trick o' treatin' holidays, from our small biz family to yours. 

Love + Good Vibes,

Cait (and her furry staff) Tucker and Payton