Earth Month - 30 Day Challenge


I was inspired by my friend Julie of Bring Your Own Long Beach to share 30 ways you can make less trash. It is earth month, after all!

So check back here periodically to see the updates as the month progresses. While our life isn’t 100% trash free, our family has been making conscious efforts for a long time now. We definitely still have room to grow and sometimes this new mom takes the easy way out (not that I’m proud of it), but I’ve learned to accept life as it happens, and to do better the next time.

Our Family’s Earth Month 30 Day Challenge

April 1: Take public transportation.

This sounds so easy, right? Throw in a baby, a car seat, essentials for a day long trip and you’ve got yourself a headache. But nothing some essentials oils can’t fix! (#oilnerd)

Little baby and I took the Amtrak to San Diego at the beginning of the month and it was much easier than I expected. Almost relaxing! I’ll be posting a blog about it soon. Stay tuned!


April 2: Ditch those tea bags. Make loose leaf instead!

I don’t know about you, but in our house, we’re BIG tea drinkers. An easy swap you can make is to buy loose leaf tea (or sometimes just loose herbs and make your own). Put it in a reusable muslin cloth bag or right into a tea pot if you have one.

Tip: Making tea bags in the reusable muslin cotton cloth bags makes great gifts! And the tea bags are very easy to clean. Throw the tea in your compost (if you have one), rinse out the bag and wash with mild soap. Let air dry and it’s ready for your next use!

April 3: Walk to get groceries.


Not only is walking good for the environment, it’s good for YOU. Treat your body and the earth to a walk instead of a drive. We try to walk to the store almost every day for groceries and not only are both baby and I getting fresh air, we’re eating fresh, whole foods. Also, how cute is this little one at her favorite Trader Joe’s?


April 4: Make your own baby food.

This one tends to scare people, but you know what? Making your own baby food is SUPER EASY. All you do is peel, cut, steam and blend. And that way you’re making sure your babe is getting the best, organic and locally sourced foods around and you’re buying less STUFF.

Tip: Each food has different steaming lengths, but you can put foods that need less time on TOP of those that need more. Like, zucchini slices on top of apple slices. That way the food on the bottom (that needs to be steamed more) gets the most heat. Saves you time and then make easy puree blends! Also, be sure to write the date on your jars as baby food shouldn’t sit in the refrigerator for more than 3 days. You can grab a mark up pen here!

homemade zucchinipuree

April 5: