The Willow Field + Sseko Collaboration!

We are so excited to be collaborating with our friend, and Sseko Designs Fellow, Maiko!  Sseko Designs is a fashion brand based out of Uganda.  

We absolutely love their mission and are constantly inspired and moved by how much good work they are doing in this world.  

Did you know that sales from their beautifully crafted products help to further women's educations in Africa?  To date, they have been able to send 87 women to university!

How amazing is that?!  


It's this mission to help women across the world have access to an education, so that they can fulfill their dreams, that made us want to partner with Maiko.  As a woman owned business, we see the strong need to be supporting our fellow women in getting the educations they want and deserve.

To help, our founder, Cait, is hosting an online Sseko trunk show so we can gain more badges for Maiko's Sole Sister, Florence.  Florence is SO close to hitting 100 badges, earning her an additional scholarship from Sseko HQ!


Meet Florence: 

"About: Florence is a quiet but strong, hard worker. She is reserved, humble, and has a strong work ethic. She takes initiative in her work and shows great interest in continuing to learn and improve her skills. She enjoys playing netball and chatting with her friends.

Goals and dreams for the future: Florence dreams of becoming a business lady and a responsible mother. She would like to someday own a house and become a landlord. She also dreams of traveling abroad and being able to send her kids through university."



Cait's goal is to raise 10 Badges for Florence!  To help support her in this goal, you can shop this link:

If we hit the 10 Badge goal, each person who made a purchase will receive a FREE 5ml roller blend!  If we hit 20 badges, we'll throw in a FREE lip balm too! It's just a small thank you from us for supporting women everywhere.  

Questions?  Email >>

iTOVi - My Weekly Scan Plans My Wellness Routine



For anyone looking to really up their wellness game, I always recommend getting an iTOVi Scanner for their home. Everyone hears me talk about how great this little tool is, but here's why:

I'm a total planner.  (You should see my calendar!) Each week, I scan my self and my family (yes, sometimes even the puppies!). Using those reports helps guide our wellness plan for the week.  I mean, how amazing is it to get a list of things to focus on?!

Just this morning I scanned for a few oils and products to support my cycle and hormones.  How did it know I'm ending my cycle today?!  The scanner is magical, I tell you! (but in all seriousness, it does surprise me over and over with it's reports.)


How do you use the scanner, you ask?  

Well, it's a simple three step process:

  1. open the app on your phone
  2. turning on Bluetooth
  3. hold the scanner while it scans (be sure the metal prongs are touching your skin for an accurate reading)

Each scan takes anywhere from 1 minute to 3 minutes, and it all depends on the person. Don't worry if your scan takes longer!  We're all different and that means all of our scans are different.


Once your scan is complete, you can view your report.  Based on the feedback you can plan your weekly routines to address any areas in your life that need support. 

Since my reading was all about hormonal support, I'll be incorporating oils like Cypress, White Angelica and Clary Sage into my routines.

Here's what my week's wellness routine will look like:

  • AM / PM - diffusing Cypress, White Angelica and Neroli
  • Monday - Adding dark, leafy greens to meals, a drop of Cypress to my tea to help finish up my cycle
  • Tuesday/Wednesday - Using Clary Sage and White Angelica topically before meditating.  My meditation will be centered around my body's needs as a woman, and the cycle support it's craving.
  • Thursday/Friday - Getting out and moving!  To help support your cycle as a woman and any aches and pains that arise because of it, getting out and walking or doing some sort of light exercise is great.
  • Saturday - Reflect on the week
  • Sunday - Scan for the following week! 
how the scanner works

Because this gal (yes, me, the planner) likes structure, being conscious of my body's needs is extremely important to me.  I'm pretty aware of my body and having this tool to further support the self love and nutrition it needs is amazing.  

If you've been wanting to try this scanner, and are local to the Long Beach / Orange County / LA area, send me an email and we can schedule a scan and tea date!

Email > 

Happy scanning, friends!


ReCircle Home

ReCircle Home is located in the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach.  They believe that everything in the universe travels in circles. Everything you put into the world, be it energy, creativity, hard work, suffering, and even simply thoughts and intentions... all circle through the universe and return. 

Their beliefs and energy are so inviting we can't help but be honored to have them carry our products.  You can find our roller blends on their shelves.  Be sure to stop by!

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recircle home logo.png
recirle home.jpg

Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated is a beach boutique sugaring studio focused on providing the most natural hair removal and organic tanning services to it's fabulous clients.  

This studio calls Sunset Beach home and is owned by some of our own boss babe role models!  

Learn more about their services here.


Find our sought after body scrubs + mists at our favorite sugaring salon, Sugar Coated!

Maven Market Box

Curating gift boxes with thoughtfulness and intentionality while promoting small businesses and creative expression.

Created by. Jillian Gorman


Our Happy, Headache Relief + Sleep rollers can be found in some of the beautiful boxes by Maven Market.  To learn more and read an interview with founder Jillian by City Scout Magazine, click here.

Follow Maven Market Box on Instagram + Facebook for the latest news on launch dates + more fun!