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EO Basics // Topical Use

cait y. // the willow field

When applied topically, essential oils are absorbed into the blood stream within 30 seconds and metabolized within 2 hours, making it important to apply oils as often as the symptoms recur.

Here are some ways to use EOs topically:

  • Drop 1-2 drops of your desired essential oil onto the palm on your hand and rub it where it’s needed, .  Don’t overthink it.  Tummy troubles?  Apply directly to the stomach.  Tension?  Apply right to that tense spot.
  • Apply essential oils to the bottoms of your feet.  Look through the vita flex chart below for corresponding symptomatic areas.
  • Add a few drops to Epsom bath salts and ease sore muscles and calm the body and mind.
  • Add to a roller bottle and take your favorite blends and combinations on the go.  Use like you would any single oil - roll directly on desired area.



And remember to read your labels and if needed, dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil.  It’s always best to dilute on children and those with sensitive skin.  A good rule of thumb is: when in doubt, dilute!