Oil + Glass book

This recipe book is a MUST have for any essential oil users! It’s filled with handy recipes from pregnancy to every day hacks.

Mina’s favorite sippy cups

These sippy cups are the best! Minami stopped taking a bottle at around 4 months (when we tried to give her formula and she said NOPE) so we grabbed these and they’re truly life savers. They are super easy to clean and you can use that silicone top to any small cup! Plus, when she’s old enough she can just use the stainless steel cups. No broken glass and NO PLASTIC WASTE.

stainless steel food storage / snackers / tiffins

We use glass containers for food storage at home, but for on the go for the little one’s snacks, these stainless steel containers are great!

baby picture book

This picture book is a great baby shower gift! We’ve loved having it and it’s so nice for Mina to be able to see her grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles who she doesn’t get to see every day. You can add in your own pictures and the pages are super easy to clean! It’s great for on the go, too. I bring it every where and now that she’s 8 months, she’s started talking to the pictures. #swoon

Reusable snack bags

There are just SO MANY little things to take along when you have kids! I end up using these for cucumber sticks, puffs, to put dirty/wet utensils in, etc.. They’re also great for storing food in the refrigerator and taking food on road trips! I clean them when I do dishes and prefer to let them air dry, although I know that you can put them in the dishwasher, too. Easy peasy!

Our favorites are Stasher, but we also have and use (re)zip and EZseal bags.

Hand held label maker

I’ve really been on a simple-ish journey lately and I know it seems counter productive to buy something just to downsize. BUT, when items are clearly labeled, boxes have clear tags on them, it’s so much easier to find hidden things to USE WHAT YOU HAVE. So, in my heart, I was okay purchasing this.

And now I’m on a label craze. Everything from my dry shampoo container (old Trader Joe’s spice bottle) to boxes that hold paper on our desk is now clearly labeled.

This label maker is light weight and easy to use. In full honesty, the first one we purchased didn’t work, but Amazon is the greatest when it comes to returns and they got us a new one the next day!

Don’t forget extra tape - you’ll need it!

cloth diaper necessities

wet bags

Keep your emergency diaper covers, wipes and extra onesie in the front pocket and use the big pocket for your dirties!

Also handy when going to the beach and needing to put wet bathing suits in!

cloth diaper covers

We use the Thirsties brand of covers and there are multiple sizes (size one: 6-18lbs) and (size two: 18-40lbs).

Here are some Size One options:

Size two options:

All in ones

All in ones are great for travel, long nap times (I add in an extra insert), and if you want it “all in one.” ;) The downside is that they can be more expensive, but they typically come in “one size” meaning you’ll use them the entire length of your cloth diapering life AND the resale value on cloth diapers is amazing!

We prefer bumGenius, but Thirsties, Alvababy and Mama Koala are good, too!

wubbanub pacifiers

These pacifiers have saved our lives! M has 3 of them (a pink elephant, monkey and a llama) and she insists on sleeping with all of them. It’s so cute to watch her wake up and decide which one she wants to take that day. The stuffies attached to the pacifiers helped her be able to hold it herself and put it back in her mouth when she was fussy. Whether you’re pro pacy or not, this is the GREATEST baby shower present!