a few of our family’s Favorites


For Beauty:

Frankincense + Lavender + Cedarwood on my face

Tea Tree + Peppermint in my shampoo

Rosemary + Tea Tree + Cedarwood + Peppermint on my scalp + hair

Lavender Body Lotion

For Emotional Support:

Stress Away + Joy in the diffuser

Valor + Peace & Calming on my wrists / over my heart

Progessence Plus on the back of my neck (hormones)

Frankincense to diffuse or wear



For Wellness:

Peppermint Vitality + Thieves Vitality + Lemon Vitality in my water

DiGize Vitality over my stomach after meals

Frankincense Vitality + Cypress in warm water (to support flow - ladies)

PanAway + Wintergreen on sore muscles / cramps

+ whatever iTOVi scans us for!

My Husband's Picks:

Shutran on wrists

En-R-Gee + Brain Power on wrists, temples when studying

RC under nose to help open the airway


In Our Home:

Thieves Household Cleaner (for everything!!!)

Thieves Laundry Soap

Thieves Hand Soap (we make our own using Thieves + Lemon + Castile Soap when needed)

For Kids:

Cedarwood + Orange or Lavender for sleep support

Gentle Baby on the back of their necks / in the diffuser every night!

Lavender for owies

Peace + Calming in the diffuser + over heart for crankiness + high energy

vitality 4.jpg

In The Kitchen:

Rosemary Vitality + Fennel Vitality + Black Pepper Vitality in a spicy Italian sausage soup

Lemon Vitality + Peppermint Vitality in our water

Orange Vitality + Grapefruit Vitality in festive backyard drinks for the whole family

Purification + Lemongrass Vitality in the diffuser (especially after cooking fish!) to cleanse the air

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