Best Sunscreen for Expecting Mothers


Friends!  I have been looking for a new sunscreen, especially to keep this pregnancy skin protected since it's extra sensitive, and I have finally found THE ONE.

The Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist is amazing.  It goes on similar to a spray, but without the harsh aerosol chemicals!! The best part?  It's totally kiddo friendly.  Mom win!

I picked up the travel size mist since I'm all about multi-use products (beach days, road trips, and TSA approved). It's the perfect size for throwing in your purse, beach bag or keeping in your toiletries bag.  

And I've been using it for a couple months now and it seems to go pretty far!  This little travel size was only $20!  Umm, WHAT.  That's right - safe to use, easy to travel with AND budget friendly.  I can never use another Target sunscreen again!

The best part?  I love that BeautyCounter believes in being transparent, only using safe, natural ingredients and that they are a women owned business empowering others to also be small business owners.

I can't wait to hear what you think when you try it out for yourself! Get yours here.

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Chemical Free + All Natural DIY Bug Spray

diy bug spray recipe

Tis' the season for BUGS!  And I don't know about you, but being pregnant makes me hyper aware of the bug situation we've got goin' on.  Since we're big outdoors people having a great bug spray is an absolute must. 

For years we used the "all natural" brands found at Target, but you know what?  Can you even pronounce half the ingredients in those brands?  Because I can't.  And that scared me.

So when we really made conscious switch to a more natural lifestyle a few years ago bug repellent was first on the list.  (I was NOT about to go camping without it!)

An easy choice for us this season was to purchase the Young Living repellent.  I absolutely love this stuff and not only is it safe for adults & kids, but it also smells good & works amazing!  I would snag a bottle or two before they sell out! Order yours here.

all natural bug repellent

But since we had to make do without this magic bottle of bug repellent for years, here's my favorite DIY Bug Spray recipe:

This DIY Recipe can be altered for little ones to: 2 drops each of Purification, Citronella, & Lavender.

diy bug spray ingredients
diy natural bug spray

DIY Itch Stick

In a 10ml rollerball (order pretty frosted ones here or pretty rainbow ones here), combine

  • 10 drops peppermint
  • 10 drops Lavender
  • 10 drops Lemon
  • + top with a carrier oil

Roll on bug bites & itches and bam! No more itch.

Wanna keep ticks & spiders away from your home & your kiddos?! Keep a small spray bottle of 15 drops peppermint + 15 drops Lavender topped with distilled water & a splash of witch hazel. I like to spray this in window sills, outdoor rugs & on shoes/hats!!

Pro tip: Dining outside & want to keep the bugs away? Grab an outdoor fan, put a few drops of citronella + peppermint on a cotton ball + close-pin (or two!) + attach to the front of the fan & you have yourself a giant outdoor diffuser!

Happy bug season ya'll!

XO, Cait



Grab THREE Bottles of Peace & Calming before March 31st!

Friends!  I have some exciting news to share with you all: Young Living has decided to up the number of Peace & Calming bottles you're allowed to order per month from one to THREE!  But only until March 31st. 

I can't tell you how insanely happy this makes me!  I use P&C every day to ease my anxiety, provide me with a sense of collected confidence and sooth my mile a minute mind. 

There are five oils in this essential oil blend from Young Living: 

Ylang Ylang - a balancing oil that helps to restore confidence and equilibrium

Patchouli - helps to energize the mind and balance our emotions

Tangeringe - a soothing oil that promotes a sense of calm

Orange - can be used to promote feelings of peace

Blue Tansy - helps to combat anger and negative emotions


Common Ways to Use Peace & Calming:

  • apply several drops to wrists, neck and bottom of feet
  • add several drops to bath water
  • apply to vitaflex points
  • open bottle and inhale directly
  • diffuse
  • dilute with carrier oil for a body massage


If you're already a member, login and order before the month ends!  If you're not yet a member, learn more about the benefits here.  

Happy oiling, friends!

XO, Cait