Headache Relief // Aromatherapy Roller

Headache Relief // Aromatherapy Roller

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This aromatherapy roller will be your best friend!  Made with pure essential oils, is SO good for helping ease those tension and stress headaches. The ingredients inside are both cooling and relaxing, kicking that tension to the curb.

 // Our aromatherapy rollers are created with a healing purpose in mind.  Each one is made with love and good vibes to ensure only the best and highest energy is rolled out.  

The rollers only contain the highest quality, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients.  Please select the roller that best suits your desired "need" and you'll find they're an easy "go-to" remedy for any lifestyle. \\

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Directions: Massage into your temples (be sure to keep away from your eyes), into the neck muscles and the shoulder muscles for relief.  (This roller can also be used to help relax sore muscles.  Simply massage into sore muscles for cooling relief.)

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Wintergreen, Rosemary, Lavender + Peppermint Essential Oils

*We only use the best organic, high quality ingredients in our products. 

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