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 Pic Cred: Neighborhood Creative

Pic Cred: Neighborhood Creative

The Willow Field was started as a creative space for me (Cait) to share my passion for food, family and health. What was once a fun little blog about my use of essential oils and recipes and family outings has turned into so much more.  We are a tribe of health minded ladies, a family of oilers, and above all, here to support one another in their own health journey. 

Something I get asked all the time is, "where did the website name come from?"  Well, my middle name (also my mother's maiden name and the family name of my grandparents) is YANAGIHARA.  Y-a-n-a-g-i-h-a-r-a translated from Japanese is "willow field."  It was this deep sense of family, culture and tradition that inspired the name. My mother was the first one to start using essential oils with us as children, and her mother before her healed their family with a holistic approach.  And this love of family, sense of support, and natural approach to life is something my husband and I try to bring to our own family as well.

That family includes more than our two fur babies (who both benefit from essential oils!) as we have a little one on the way!  All the more reason to be slowing down, living with more intention and finding more time for LIFE.

A little about me...
I find joy in a warm cup of tea, teaching others, making new recipes, and going on weekend adventures. I love traveling and learning from places and people.  I have a habit of making ridiculously long to-do lists and then doing a happy dance (in my head of course) when I'm able to cross even one thing off. I color code my planners (yes, plural) and day dream of food.  Always of food. Oh, and my furry loves (the husband included).  My favorite oils are Frankincense and Peace & Calming (absolute magic in bottles) and I am currently trying (but baby steps) to #mariekondo my life.  (I'll keep you posted!)

Thanks for being here with me.  I truly hope that this space is able to inspire you, help you and guide you on your own healthy (and oily) journey!  

All the love + good vibes,


PS - You can also find me freelancin' over at Tea House Media